How good are you at matching icons?

The weekly highscore wins 250 Coins.

How to play
  • Match three icons or more.
  • Earn as high score as possible.
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How to play
Difficulty level :
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Difficulty level

The difficulty level at is measured by how difficult it is to win the prize.
For example, if there is 1 salad shown, then it is very easy to win the prize.
If the difficulty level shows 5 salads, then it would be very hard to win the prize.

This week's prize
250 Coins
Next draw:
This week's TOP 10
Jf, Canada 20,760
Jf, Canada 19,280
BlackKing, Italy (VIP) 17,805
BlackKing, Italy (VIP) 16,315
Jf, Canada 16,205
Jf, Canada 16,100
Jf, Canada 14,765
Jf, Canada 13,955
Jf, Canada 13,405
Jf, Canada 12,910

How to play: Devil's Gate

In Devil's Gate you need to match three icons, or more, to make them disappear and increase your score.
The more icons you match, the bigger score you earn.
The game ends when the icons hits the bottom.

The winner will be decided at the weekly draw and will be the player who has earned the highest score.
If several players share the highscore, then the player reaching it first wins.

Tip: You can try to beat the highscore as many times you like!

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